Rainy Day House Day

It's monsoon day number 4 on the Bay today. After a very wet, windy, chilly run, S and I lolled about reviewing the 5 houses we're looking at this afternoon. One has 3 offers on it already (it's been on the market forever, like a whole day and a half) and the others are in a new-to-us neighborhood that I'm excited to explore. None of these houses could possibly fit all our stuff, but I'm a huge fan of goodwill and S is out of town frequently. Plus, I doubt he'll know if a box of 50 pairs of stretched out, faded, black socks disappears. Oh the clutter I've married!!

I haven't knit with a vengence since Elie's baby blanket, and he turns two in February. But with the wedding behind us, I'm in total project withdrawal. So until we have a house I'm ADDing on projects. Baby bibs, sail bags, wedding programs, and now a quick lace scarf using some silk & cashmere yarn that I've trucked up and down the east coast a dozen times convinced I'll have a sudden burst of inspiration.

It's either sit in the car and waste my precious time staring out the window, or do something productive. Ahhh sweet productivity, how I love thee.

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so, here we are.

Hi there. We're here in the D.C. area, up from sunny Florida and over from Engaged2009.

We've living in the glorious weekend home owned by my new in-laws. With sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay, it's a little bit like heaven. However, given our newlywed status and its ownership status, it's a beautiful temporary home that I would like to vacate ASAP, before we wear out our welcome!

We've been searching for the perfect home in the NoVA area since March. And since selling our home in Pensacola in July, we've put offers in on and lost out on several suitable homes. Today we're trying our hand on the 'ole offer game again. This time on a short sale in the Sleep Hollow neighborhood of Falls Church. It does not meet our school district requirement, but the price is great and I loved the neighborhood. Because it's a short sale, and because I'm working today, we decided not to drive over to look at the house before submitting the offer. We haven't seen any of the other homes we've bid on so it's par for the course.

It's a cute house and has had many renovations, which would leave us more cosmetic projects rather than structural ones, save a few kitchen wall knock-downs. I'm good with a sledge hammer though and I'm sure S would be too.The current occupants are total slobs so our contract has a clause requiring them to clean all their crap out of the house and off the property. That should help things out.

So that's it for now. We're here, waiting to buy the next bee hive, waiting to hear back from the bank.

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