Rainy Day House Day

It's monsoon day number 4 on the Bay today. After a very wet, windy, chilly run, S and I lolled about reviewing the 5 houses we're looking at this afternoon. One has 3 offers on it already (it's been on the market forever, like a whole day and a half) and the others are in a new-to-us neighborhood that I'm excited to explore. None of these houses could possibly fit all our stuff, but I'm a huge fan of goodwill and S is out of town frequently. Plus, I doubt he'll know if a box of 50 pairs of stretched out, faded, black socks disappears. Oh the clutter I've married!!

I haven't knit with a vengence since Elie's baby blanket, and he turns two in February. But with the wedding behind us, I'm in total project withdrawal. So until we have a house I'm ADDing on projects. Baby bibs, sail bags, wedding programs, and now a quick lace scarf using some silk & cashmere yarn that I've trucked up and down the east coast a dozen times convinced I'll have a sudden burst of inspiration.

It's either sit in the car and waste my precious time staring out the window, or do something productive. Ahhh sweet productivity, how I love thee.

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