Perfectly Timed Announcement

We were married in September, which means that we were the recipients of many lovely gifts. Since the wedding we've been asked for our mailing address from several of our wedding guests. We also know that many of our friends and family would love to see more photos of the big day. Well, we're not sure of that last one since I've been facebooking links to our photographer's Web site ad nauseam.

To date I've forwarded our friends S's parents' address. S's mom has been happy to stack packages next to the 12 piece china setting gift that's waiting for us in their family room.
But now our new bee hive is just waiting us to claim her as our own in just a tad more than a month, so I've decided it's time to begin working on the big announcement.

Under ordinary circumstances I would sieze the opportunity to send a separate new home/new address announcement. However, with our closing date set for early December it seems most logical to send a holiday card/new house/wedding announcement all in one. I throw wedding announcement in there because S thinks we should include a lovely photo from our wedding...as long as we get the CD of our wedding photos in time.

So last night while the winds were howling and the waves were crashing on the rocks outside our glorious homeless home, I tackled our announcement design, which of course, for privacy reasons, I will not be sharing here. I will share with you, however, this edited version featuring a photo from Lexi's latest photoshoot. Glorious pup.
I'll have it printed on eco-stock postcards from UPrinting and will be mailed in a seasonally appropriate envelope from Paper-Source.

I am beyond excited for the new house, super excited for our first holiday card together, and so happy that we have a new address to announce to our family and friends. Have you started working on your holiday cards yet?

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