Wasting More Time

It's hard to believe that just a couple of months ago I was willing time to stop passing so quickly; I needed more days for all our wedding projects. What a difference a home-under-contract makes. December 15 can not get here soon enough.

To distract myself from the fact that we're still forever from moving in and that S is away for another week, I took a trip to Ikea this weekend to explore storage options. As I've been reminded a thousand times, the closets are small. It was a very productive way to pass the time, minus the two hour traffic jam on the way to Ikea. Silly me for thinking there wouldn't be any traffic at noon on a Saturday.

When I finally arrived at the yellow and blue mecca I put my walkin' shoes on and hit the ground running. I moved through the store at a snail's pace as I looked over all the great stuff. My mental calculator was on overdrive. Fortunately there's no way we can fit much more stuff in our house. We each had a house the size of our new house, so Goodwill will be our best friend. Goodwill, and Ikea's awesome storage solutions!

First up, Gorm. Ikea's bare-bones expandable storage system.
We are going to have a totally pimped-out basement.

For my clothing, I think I'm going to buy the much-loved Pax closet system with the Hemnes doors that match our dressers.
It's unfortunate that this is the best photo I can find. It looks so much better in person, and with door pulls.

Right now the idea is to have a pair of these flanking one of the windows in the guest room with my red mini dresser that I used as a TV stand in my old house under the window. Maybe I'll make a cushion and create a little dressing area. The extra closets will hold my shoes and all the overflow from my little built-in closet. I was impressed with the quality and the warranty. Love, love, love the Hemnes line.

Overall it was a productive weekend of wasting time. I definitely think these two solutions will put my storage anxieties at ease. I love organizing!

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