And I thought I Knew How to do a Project

It's today finally, today being move-in day! We've looked forward to this day for months, but unfortunately I was alone for our big day. S's plane "broke" overseas last week and his arrival home was delayed several days. While I'm sure he would rather be here, he is missing out on some serious work!

First there was the trip to Ikea where I had to pare down my selections because I could no longer steer the cart. A couple in the parking lot gave me the thumbs up and said they were impressed with my job packing my car. I said, "I just want to know, where the hell is my husband?!" and laughed. Dude said I didn't need him and I was doing a fine job. The Saab holds a lot of stuff!

However, having a half dozen sections of basement shelving in my car significantly minimized the amount of stuff I could take with me from the bay. Because I'm only working a half day on Friday and have the rest of the week off, I prioritized non-office items like Mr.Norman the fish, my pillow and all cords, laptops and other networky stuff. I also threw in just a bit of food.

I hit the road just before 3 and just in time for some city traffic.

It was a gray day on the bay and I was glad that I woke up yesterday to watch the sunrise since today's was just an eerie fog that stuck around all day.

When I finally arrived at the new bee hive I let myself in and walked around, impressed with the clean floors. I was horrified by the dirt on the mini blinds in the kitchen and stuck them in the dishwasher right away. They're still dirty and headed for the trash.

An hour or so after my arrival, after my car was empty, S's parents arrived with a few essentials and a crow bar. S's dad started to remove old shelving in the basement while his mom and I went to Home Depot for basement paint. Upon our return home we found all the shelves removed and clean-up well undeway. Score! I've never had help like this on a project before. S's dad knows how to tackle a project.

S's dad asked me my plan for the night. When I said I was going to paint, he offered to go home, change, and return to help. We scraped the loose concrete and paint on the walls then he left while I vacuumed. Just as I opened the can of paint he appeared once again, this time wearing painting clothes.

In no time the walls were painted and ready for a second coat. I cut in while S's dad rolled. I've always been a solo painter so this was very nice and so very fast.

After the first coat was up we started to scrub the floors with soapy water. I bought concrete cleaner at the Depot and its instructions said to apply while wearing rubber boots, etc. Pretty intense. S's dad offered to do the dirty work while I went upstairs and removed baby wall paper trim in the guest room and nails from all the walls.

Tomorrow S's parents will return in the am to paint the floor and assemble basement shelving units while I go pick up the Benjamin Moore paint that I pre-ordered today. I'm also making a major grocery run so the house is fully stocked when my parents and lexi arrive tomorrow.

And I can't forget to wrap gifts for our tree:

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