The Bee Hive Day One, or the Calm Before the Storm

Paul and I worked late into the night on my first night in the house. S emailed from Canada and said he hoped to be home by late Wednesday, as long as the repair made to his plane in Spain held up. Given that I arrived so late in the day on Tuesday, despite how much we accomplished that night, I consider Wednesday day one at the Bee Hive.

I woke around 5:30 after four hours of sleep and after brewing a pot of coffee in my one pot borrowed from S's parents, I slapped a coat of rustoleum on the legs of the basement utility sink.
S's dad, Paul, arrived just before eight to paint the floor while I went to the paint store to pick up several gallons of paint and to the commissary to stock-up for my parents' arrival. He had a meeting at noon and said he'd do as much as possible before having to leave around 11:30. When I returned with a overflowing trunk and an empty wallet, I was shocked to find the basement floor painted:
and the storage shelves assembled and ready to be moved into place:
After Paul left I started to prep for our adventures in painting while I waited for my parents' arrival.

No one has any idea what we did after my parents arrival Wednesday afternoon. I know we unpacked their chock-full jeep with the sherpack-go on top, we surveyed the projects, and started the Home Depot list. Lexi settled in on her bed under the tree.
Note the outrageous yellow paint on the walls: it's bright and almost as difficult to kill as the red paint in the living room. Oy.

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