Katahdin, the Bear

As I blogged about over at engaged2009, S and I had a few encounters with baby bears during our hikingmoon at Mt. Katahdin. When we returned home from the wilderness we saw a baby bear foot stool at L.L.Bean that looked exactly like the bear we saw at the Roaring Brook campground. I begged S to let me use our wedding gift cards to buy the bear, but he refused...

...only to surprise me with Kathadin, the bear, under our Christmas tree.

He'll make his full debut as soon as I'm able to post photos of our house without shuddering at the sight of the mess. We're far from deer heads above the mantle kind of people (well, S's roommate did have a buck, who I affectionately named Bob, above the mantle at their apartment when we first met), but I think Katahdin the bear will work perfectly in front of a nice leather chair or two!

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