The Storm: Paint, Delivery, Snow, Crash & the Flu

The Bee Hive still looks like it was hit by a small tornado, but we have made significant progress in the past week despite a few road blocks along the way.

After we finished painting the utility room section of the basement and assembling the Ikea Gorm storage shelves, we quickly moved on to our most lofty goal: kill the red and yellow before the movers arrived with our delivery on Friday. I would love to insert a photo of the red dining room or the BRIGHT yellow living room / hallway / stairwell / kitchen / guest room, but my hard drive crashed this week and I lost a week of photos. UPDATE: I recovered some photos of the bright, bold colors that covered the interior of our house during the first few days of ownership. 

Painting was a full family effort with my dad cutting in at the ceiling like a trained professional (my grandfather owned a professional painting company on Cape Cod):
while my mom and I alternated cutting in around woodwork and rolling out our soothing palette:
S's brother Michael and I taped off the red dining room before my parents arrived, but I quickly learned that the pros don't tape, they just have steady hands. As my dad said, "it's all in the breathing," and "we only get paid for paint on the walls." I've honed my steady hand skillz.

We chose Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Ice Cube Silver for the living room / stairwell / hall way and for the upper section of the dining room. We used Silver Half Dollar for the lower walls below the chair rail in the dining room and for the kitchen. In the guest room we used Mt. Rainer Gray. All of the colors are a bit more blue than gray and go very well with the creamy white trim. I could not be happier with the Aura paint. At the paint store's suggestion we did not use a primer; just the Aura. The bright colors were gone in one coat and fully covered without a trace with the second.

Just look at how BRIGHT these colors were!!!

The photo above shows how the yellow in the kitchen was paler in comparison to the other yellows in the house. But, wow, it was bright.
We were able to get the first coat in all the major rooms before our furniture delivery on Friday, when temperatures starting dipping and the air started to feel a bit like snow. All of the doors were open as the movers brought an anxiety-inducing number of boxes into the house. While I was shaking with nerves, Lexi was shivering on her bed until one of the movers located our space heater:

And then it started to snow. We got a record-setting nearly two feet of snow in 24 hours. It was beautiful and we had plenty of painting and unpacking to to do keep us busy for days - the only problem being that the paint store was not open when I ran out of paint for the guest room. I scraped the dregs out, but will likely need to do another coat to smooth out the finish sometime in the future.
Look at how much more soothing the living and dining areas are after a fresh coat of paint:
Making sure every last hint of yellow is out:
The snow just before bed on the second night of the storm:
The next morning:
Our road that was never plowed:

Unfortunately the snow also meant that trash and recycling pick-up was canceled for the week. But not before we schlepped all the boxes to the curb after reading that "trash and recycling pick-up will be as scheduled" on the county website.
We decided to risk getting a fine and left the boxes at the curb to soak up the wet snow (and now rain) for a week.

After my parents left on Tuesday I succumbed to a flu-like something-or-other for several days and only managed to eek out minimal box unpacking (more accurately, I directed box unpacking and slept). Not surprisingly day-after-Christmas sales found me feeling quite a bit better and in the car ready to search for organization solutions.

We hit Crate & Barrel for glass containers for dry goods, Bed Bath & Beyond for a bit of everything, and Home Depot for closet shelving. Our biggest find was a stainless steel Calphalon pot rack at BB&B something I've been longing for for an entire week now. Can that count as longing?

As soon as we got home I fed S some cookies to get his blood sugar up and his project-attitude right and we set to work finding joists in the ceiling.
After a few nails holes, weird calculations, and finger crossing moments, mission make-this-tiny-kitchen-fit-our-wedding-pots & pans was complete.

Then while S went upstairs to start his closet shelving, I finally "finished" the kitchen.
Finished minus the issue of that massive light, and the small detail that all of our wedding gifts are still in storage in Maine, of course.

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