Basement Storage Part 2

Our basement is a work-in-progress, and while it's definitely still a mess down there, it's a huge improvement over its move-in condition. When we bought the Bee Hive the basement walls and floor were splattered with the solution used when the previous owners had the asbestos tile removed, the walls hadn't been painted in forever, there were three foot deep shelves along one wall that were totally useless, and the washer and dryer were in the middle of the room.
And of course, it was filled with the previous owners' stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. After much work during our first week at the Bee Hive, we had plenty of new shelving to use as an extension of our kitchen in our nice clean, freshly painted basement.
Several weeks and dozens of boxes later, the center open area of our our nice clean basement is now filled with items for goodwill/yards sale.
I hate a mess so it pains me to post these photos. But I realized yesterday that this line of boxes, while messy and chaotic, do not really interfere with our access to the wall of shelving, to the door outside, nor to the furnace behind them (or to our access to the space behind the furnace that fits rubbermaid totes perfectly). All of this means that when the boxes are gone this will be the perfect area for MORE Gorm storage shelves!

Our little pantry area is directly to the left of the door and just next to the stack o' Goodwill:
Which means that it's in the perfect spot to add Gorm 90 degree corner shelves and another shelving unit in place of the donation boxes. So with measurements in hand I zipped off to Ikea after the traffic died down last night and bought what I hope will be our final set of Gorm shelves.

When S returns from paradise we'll assemble the new shelves and perhaps I'll even stow our yard sale items neatly on the new shelves, instead of in the middle of the room.

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