Go Take the Ceiling Down.

"Go take the ceiling down in the sun room" was my response to S when he asked, "what should I do?" yesterday afternoon. I had another hour of work to do and didn't think he would jump at "vacuum." I didn't exactly think he'd take the entire ceiling down in just under 30 minutes. I kind of thought he'd take down one 12" square panel. But hey, I'm not complaining.
Turns out we have cool bead board behind the (now removed) old school ceiling tiles.
We intend to transform this space into finished living area for my office and tie a hvac duct into the basement. I think I'll call a few blown-insulation companies and set up appointments to get quotes on blowing insulation into the walls. It was our intention to take down the paneling, put up batting insulation and then drywall, but I don't mind paneling painted white, so we may keep it. UPDATE: we discovered that there is already insulation in the walls! So the walls and ceiling are staying and we just shaved a ton of time and money off this project. I love when that happens (don't be fooled, I don't think it's ever happened before).

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  1. Anonymous1/22/2010

    I can't believe someone covered up that beautiful bead board ceiling!

    Wish we had found a ceiling that nice under Aunt Josie's kitchen ceiling tiles. nope no such luck. All we found was cracked paint and plaster.



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