Ice Cold Beverage Anyone?

Last night during dinner S pulled out his homemade ice cubes, little chunks of ice chipped off of a frozen block from a gladware container, when he refilled his father's and grandfather's drink glasses. His father turned to me and asked, "do you want your ice maker hooked up?" Um, yes please?

We had an ice maker in Pcola, which was super convenient. But, because the space was already plumbed for an ice maker, installation was a breeze when we bought a new fridge there. In fact, I think the guys from Sears hooked it up as part of the delivery. Here, we weren't so lucky. No ice maker plumbing to the fridge. And I have to admit that we never had an ice maker at home in Maine, so I have no clue what it takes to "install" an ice maker. Not too much apparently.

S's dad explained that there's some nifty contraption that pierces a cold water line, threads into the fridge's ice maker and makes it all happen like magic. Without any plumbing work. What?!? Yes, so simple/. So this morning after making a quick Depot run on our behalf, S's dad showed up with said nifty contraption. Twenty minutes or so later the contraption was threaded through a hole in the floor and connected to a cold water line in the basement.
Two hours later while I was making the guys sandwiches for lunch I heard the telltale sound of ice cubes dropping out of the ice maker.
How cool is that? Now we have overly chlorinated ice to soak in our overly chlorinated water. Yum!

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