Interim Bedroom Light

All three bedrooms have horribly outdated ceiling fans similar to the one that I removed from my office. I'm not one to throw things out just because they're old. But, if something can't age gracefully then she just won't cut it. There's nothing graceful about this ceiling fan. Out.
Alas, finding replacement ceiling lights for the guest room and for our bedroom has not been an easy task. However, during last week's Ikea trip I spotted what I thought might be a guest room contender.

Given that S is in paradise somewhere and that I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy this weekend, I decided to go with a try-it-out approach, rather than jump into hard-wiring the light. I held it up in the guest room and as I stood there "testing it out" a light bulb went off in my head. Ha. Why not use this as a temporary light in the bedroom instead of the guest room, then we can switch it up when I find the perfect bedroom light? Off to the bedroom.

As I did with my office, I removed the fan paddles and glass bulb shades then gave the whole thing a good dusting with my fabulous new Crate & Barrel microfiber dusting cloth (which I love and highly recommend). Then I took just the shade from the fixture and using three zip ties, attached it to the three bulb sockets of the ceiling fan unit. Easy? Yes. Perfect? Ah, no, the big brass thing is still there.
So it's a little casual for what I envision for our bedroom, it's kind of ugly with the giant brass fixture, and clearly the room needs some serious design attention, but it's ok for now while we make our way through the house room-by-room.

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  1. Our ceiling fan is kind of natty and old too, but we have left it alone because we need to use it in the summer. And, it has a remote, which totally trumps the 80's gold on it. :)

  2. I saw that Home Depot sells replacement blades, and other parts so I'm tempted to take it down, spray is silver, and add black paddles. I do prefer a nice light though. One thing is for sure, this quick fix is not staying!


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