Just Take the Siding Off and See if it's Insulated

It's definitely a trend around here: projects that start with, "just go...." Take this morning for example. I was getting ready to go to G Street Fabric and JoAnn's in search of drapery lining when S said, "what should I do?" He had already pulled all the nails from the bead board ceiling in the sun room, so I responded, "go pull a few courses of siding off at the sun room roof and see if there's any insulation in the ceiling."

Two hours later I returned from my errands to find a pile of insulation on the front lawn:
And S and his dad installing R-30 insulation above the sun porch.
No only did they insulate, but they also ran wire for recessed lighting, which is a project that will probably happen sooner rather than later. This whole 3-season-sun-porch-renovate-to-my-office project is turning out to be a whole lot easier, cheaper, and faster than I planned. Up next we'll insulate the floor and install new windows. Then all that will be left is a little wiring, painting, and I'll be ready to move in!

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