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The small bedroom that I'm using as my office has a wall of built-in bookshelves. Unfortunately most of the shelves are a bit too close together to hold books of any substantial size or to fit the magazine boxes I picked up at Ikea several months ago.
A few weeks ago we knocked out the top shelf, which was only 4" high, to make room for the tall stuff and I set to work planning an organizing strategy for the remaining shelves.

In our master plan this room will be a kid's room some day. It's the smallest of our three bedrooms and since it won't fit a queen sized bed it's not a contender for the guest room. It also won't fit a ton of furniture to hold all the baby stuff that seems to take over a house when a family expands from two to three, so the bookshelf area needs to hold more than just books. Now, I'm not suggesting that a baby is in our plans for the near future, and certainly not in the next 9 months, but when planning out the organization scheme for this room I took into account that the built-in shelves are staying for the long-haul and my office will move...as soon as we finish the sun room renovation.

I carry a little notebook with a house "wish list" and tons of measurements and a tape measure in my purse so I'm always armed with our house's vital stats when I'm out. During my daily Depot outing yesterday I also stopped at Target to look for blinds for the bathroom. Imagine my delight when I found that the milk crate baskets I pined over two weeks ago where on sale. I zipped back to the front of the store to grab a cart and snatched up the entire stock. Then I set out to another nearby Target to get a few more. They fit perfectly three-across on each shelf and will be a good alternative to a dresser in the room.
For now I'm using the baskets as booked ends and have filled them with computer cords, my camera, back-up hard drives and other office-y stuff.  I still need a couple more to finish off the space, but I was assured by the helpful Target stock boy that they would get more at my local store soon.

Across the office my "A" shelf, which fit so nicely in my sloped-ceiling office in Pcola, is partially blocking window, a big "no" in my book. But again, this isn't its final spot so it's fine for now. Plus, the orchids love it. On these shelves I placed shorter, wider baskets between sections of crafty and work-work books.
I placed the crafty books front and center even though its the Chicago Manual of Style and the Blue Book that I reach for every few days. I moved the cookbooks downstairs since I'm more likely to flip through them when I'm sitting around watching TV, if they're actually near the TV. Eventually we'll probably invest in a  dining room hutch where the cookbooks will find a permanent home, but it's not on our near-term furniture list.

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