One Day of Outdoor Work

It was a beautiful day on MLK day this week. S had the day off, so while I toiled away in my office he explored our little yard and assessed our spring cleaning needs.

At one point I looked up from my desk and saw him peering in at me as he ventured across the roof to clean the gutters.
He discovered that the main part of the house has gutter guards installed, which is fantastic given the huge oak trees in our yard drop a lot of leaves. The only gutters without guards are on the sunroom roof, which is easily accessible from my office window.

From there S moved on to pulling out the ivy that was covering a portion of the lawn and climbing up one of the oak trees.
While he was at it, S pulled off the rotten lattice trim from the base of the sunporch so I could assess the insulation needs.
Um, yes, needs insulation. Thankfully it looks like the joists are evenly spaced so batting insulation should be a pretty easy option.

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