Our First Ikea Hack

We hit Ikea with our mile-long list in hand yesterday. After breezing through our returns we ran to the cafeteria where the regularly 99 cent breakfast was FREE! S ate his and half of mine in two seconds flat and then we were off.

One of our goals was to find light fixtures for the kitchen and upstairs hall. We decided against the snaking halogen spotlight fixture for the kitchen since we really didn't want to have to secure it in half a dozen places on the ceiling. I could just feel the kink in my neck as I imagined all the patching and painting that we'd have to do if we decided to change it some day. Instead we picked up a stainless single mount spotlight type fixture and decided that we would keep looking elsewhere.

As we were staring at the ceiling taking in the less-than-impressive selection of flush mount lights, I spotted a pendant light in the above-the-table lighting section. We man handled the fixture, getting shocked only once, as we tried to figure out if we could take it from 45" long to 5" long.
We bought the four-light version with the intention of using it as an upstairs hall light. However, this morning when we took it out of the box I decided I wanted to "try" it in the kitchen, and then buy the six light version, if we liked the way it looked.

The metal wires that support the entire light are live and supply power to the halogen bulbs. They are secured at the ends with two tiny metal end caps, each with four set screws. We didn't have a hex wrench small enough to back out the set screws, so I made a quick trip to the hardware store where I purchased the 55 cent tool. First, I unscrewed the two metal end caps at the end of each wire.

Then I snipped the ends, leaving a tail long enough to adjust and level the fixture once in place.
We hung it in place in the kitchen, and voila, it works!
It gives off a nice soft light and should work really well with the under-counter mount xenon lights that I intend to install as soon as I find the right ones. The four packages we have sitting in the return pile have connections that I don't like, so I'm going to keep looking. Now the only question is whether we want to have the same style fixture in two places in our one little house.

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  1. Great idea!! I would have never thought of doing that!


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