Painting in Baby Steps

Now that my glorious vacation time is history and the regular old work week schedule is back, projects have slowed to a snail's pace. What would have taken a morning last week now takes three days. Monday night we shopped for the bathroom light at Lowe's and for baskets at World Market; Tuesday we made a returns run to the Depot, installed the bathroom light, and I started painting the bedroom.

I managed to cut in around the entire ceiling and around most of the door and window molding in the two or three hours I gave myself to paint before bed. This morning I woke up early and decided to rolled on as much as one tray of paint would cover before hitting the office for the day. I managed one and a half walls.
Tonight I got a second coat on the walls I painted this morning and we moved the furniture around to make room for me to hit the untouched walls and trim. Unfortunately I just ran out of paint before getting a chance to put two coats on two of the walls.

The Depot is open for another hour and a half, so I may gussy myself up, and by gussy I mean put a coat on over my painting clothes, and buy another gallon of paint. We're going to a wedding this weekend so I'm a wee bit afraid that I won't be able to finish painting until next week, if I don't go now. In vacation land painting our little bedroom would have taken a day. Oh, the real world....

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