Sealing up Holes in the Bathtub

The other day when I was in the shower (cleaning, I was cleaning) I noticed a area of broken tile above the cold water faucet. I don't know why it didn't dawn on me earlier, but I realized that every time we shower there's probably water getting in behind the tub through that point. Oy.
I picked up a tube of silicone bathroom caulk at Home Depot and set to work filling the void. I chose clear caulk since I knew I wasn't going to be able to make white look neat, and I did not need to add to the amateur disaster caulking present throughout the entire bathroom. The whole project took no more than 2 minutes, including time to run downstairs for a paper towel to dry the tile first.
I squirted a bead of caulk all around the fixtures and then smoothed it with my finger, and cleaned up with a cloth. Viola, space filled.
At some point this weekend I'll venture into S's closet to open up the plumbing access panel. I really hope I don't find any mold or rot. Fingers crossed.

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