Sixth Time is a Charm

The sixth and final installation of the bathroom light fixture commenced yesterday when S got home from work. While we really only tried out 4 fixtures, most times one didn't work we reinstalled the original milk glass fixture, bringing the install tally to six. Six installs in the same cramped area with the same fraying wires (now covered with electrical tape) makes S our resident light expert, which I think is only fair given my status of resident paint expert. Score one for me.

Of course the installation wasn't without a little project drama. The screw holes on the box in the wall were just a wee bit off from the generously sized round back plate of the fixture. S tried a few different work-arounds while I "supervised" from my office. Only when I realized that the increasing pissy 'tude coming from the bathroom meant light fixture was in danger of hitting the chopping block/return pile did I step in and suggest that we drill new holes in the round back plate. S whipped out the new set of drill bits I bought the other day at the Depot: problem solved.

So here it is, our finished bathroom medicine cabinet and light.
I put a temporary curtain up just to make the space look a bit more finished until we find the perfect shade/blind. It's held together with safety pins, but it will just have to do for now.

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