Storagegate Ends, Bathroom Light Saga Continues

We loaded up the borrowed station wagon with our Ikea returns bright and early yesterday morning. Thankfully everything fit and they took everything back even though it seemed like we were returning half of the store. Perhaps they knew we'd walk out two hours later with the other half of the store.

Our storage solution for the guest room is to flank one window with a Hemnes wardrobe and a Hemnes three-drawer chest.
S stayed up until nearly two in the morning assembling the furniture for me while I cleaned up from our bathroom project (and went to be before him). The pieces seem to fit well in the room and offer a lot more storage space. Everything that was piled on the guest bed is now concealed, and the bed is made and ready for guests. I still need to organize the stuff in the chest and wardrobe, but it's a huge relief to actually have the space.

Our happiness with the storage solution didn't last long, however. A few days ago we installed a bathroom light fixture from the Home Depot that hung too low. We returned the new fixture and re-installed the original milk glass fixture that came with the house. When we purchased the medicine cabinet we re-purchased the same light fixutre, however, in those days inbetween I discovered Pottery Barn's Mercer collection and jumped through hoops to acquire a double sconce in polished nickel.

The manager of our local Pottery Barn drove to Georgetown to pick up the fixture for us on Saturday. So you can imagine my disappointment when we discovered that the white glass shades hung too low for the new vanity. We removed the light and installed the Home Depot light, which is quite nice, but there's something that's not quite right.
I like how the white accents match the faucets and the white tiles, but with the new taller medicine cabinet the oval back of the light fixture seems to elongate the space too much and doesn't provide a visual "stop." I really want a fixture with a round back. I really want the mercer light to work. So it goes.

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