Temporary Hall Light

We're still assessing kitchen lighting and debating whether we want to take on installing recessed lighting in an area with no access from above. So in the mean time we're using the Ikea light that we intend to use for the upstairs hall light, eventually. Naturally that means I needed to find a temporary aesthetically pleasing hall fixture to cover the bare bulb.
One quick trip to Home Goods' clearance section and we now have a lampshade covered bulb to soften the harsh glare from the single bulb.
I would probably make a diffuser for the bottom of the shade if we were to keep it as a ceiling shade, but I think I'll eventually use the shade on a desk lamp in my office.

The splotchy ceiling in this photo just highlights the need for a coat of fresh paint. I just know that once we start we'll need to do all the ceilings in the entire house so I'm trying not to look up until I have the motivation to take on such a huge undertaking.

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