Treating the Windows

The windows in our bee hive are all original and as such are in desperate need of re-glazing. I'm not opposed to re-glazing a window or two, but fifteen windows takes the project a little beyond the scope of my interest. I would rather be painting, swapping out a light fixture, or poking myself in the eye. You know, all those things that are more fun than re-glazing windows.

Even though it feels like we're walking around with our pockets turned inside-out lately, we do have a little house renovation fund that I saved up by paying "rent" to it during the year that we lived together in FL. We intend to use the renovation fund for projects like making our sun room into a four-seasons room and my office. But I avoid hand-numbing tasks, if at all possible, so we'll tackle that project once the weather warms a bit this spring. In the meantime we started to interview replacement window companies this week. We met with three companies, all of which had lovely products, but we could not really tell the difference between the windows. At least not what made one window quote 20k more than the last.

Do you have any experience with replacement window companies? We desperately need recommendations.

While the new window purchase hangs in research limbo, our existing windows are in need of serious treatment. No, not glazing, but coverings. We have several doors that are at least 50% window that currently have roller shades. Old, beat-up roller shades.

Since day-one I've intended to do something with the window treatments. Hour one really, when I took the mini-blinds down in the kitchen and stuck them in the dishwasher out of absolute disgust with the layer of caked-on dust and dirt covering them. They warped. Don't do that. You would think that warped mini-blinds and no blinds would motivate me to address the issue sooner, but no, I've been busy.

We bought Ikea curtains for our bedroom:
which look nice, but are a little dark for such a small room. Sooooo, imagine my excitement when I opened an email from fabric.com and discover that they're having a sale on Amy Butler fabric. I love Amy Butler's fabric! We used at least a dozen of her patterns for our wedding napkins. I snatched up 25 yards of August Fields in grey sunrise:
for drapes in our bedroom and three roman shades for the doors. And 8 yards of  Lotus in morning glory:

for roman shades in my office. The entire deal was sweetened with a 25% off coupon applied to my entire order. Head on over to fabric.com and use coupon code 2WMYP9 to get the same deal-i-o.

All I need now is several gazillion yards of blackout insulating liner and a spare weekend to sew. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to get S to step-up and help with the sewing like he did for the wedding napkins. Some things really do only happen once in a lifetime.

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