A Welcomed Finishing Touch

We hung curtains in the living room, which instantly gave the room a "finished" feeling. Of course it's not finished because we have yet to unpack our artwork, but it's a welcomed finishing touch.
I was happy that we found a place to use the curtains that I made for the master bedroom in FL when S first bought the house. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had sewn hanging pockets to the curtains even though they were hung with rod clips in FL. Using the pockets make the drapes a bit more challenging to open and close, but we like the look so we're willing to spend the extra ten seconds it takes to open and close them.

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  1. The curtains look great!

    Thanks for the dog book suggestion - that's actually the one my husband read before we brought the puppy home, and we've definitely been following a lot of the monks' advice. What kind of dog do you have? I've been perusing through your blog and I'm way impressed at all the home DIY stuff you've done! (And glad to see you're a fan of Young House Love :)

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by,



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