Floor Cushions

As I've mentioned a million frustrated times before, I'm waiting for our cordless roman shades to make their way halfway across the world on a very slow boat. When they arrive I plan to cover them with the same fabric I used to make our living and dining room drapes. In the meantime thought I'd whip up a few floor cushions with the same fabric.

I shopped around for some nice thick foam, and even considered buying a new memory foam mattress topper so I could chop ours up into floor cushion sized squares. I expected the innards of three or four cushions to cost about $100. Anything above $25 triggers my how-can-I-do-this-for-less reflex. Kind of an odd reflex for a project that was already a DIY venture. Conveniently this all happened the night before my last trip to Ikea.

So last weekend as I wandered through the maze that is Ikea I kept my eyes peeled for thick, inexpensive floor cushions suitable for covering. I scoured the living room section with a fine-tooth comb, which is probably why we I ended up with this red Poang chair in my office:
(remember this is my office's temporary home, but the chair will stay here, so I'm not too concerned that it does not work with the carpet for now)

But, to my surprise I found no suitable floor cushions. I also didn't find any perfect spice jars, which is another story.

As I was wrestling the Poang into my already full cart, I spotted a stack of floor "cushions" that matched the Crate & Barrel baskets in our coffee table perfectly. They were just sitting there in the Ikea self-serve warehouse, among all the boxes, calling my name. At $30 each three of them would cost less than my projected cushion project and they required no additional work. Perfect. I piled them on top of all my other goods and did the all too familiar, "God I hope I don't crash into anyone, please don't let this crap fall off the cart" walk to the cashier.

When I got home I was pleased to find that their knit-like weave matches the existing baskets perfectly, they fit in the corner by the console table, and best of all, they're fairly comfortable and very fun to sit on.
Extra seating dilemma solved! I've been using them every night this week as I work on sail bags and watch the Olympics. (Which is another project that has managed to overtake the entire dining room.)

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