Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday this year because S was supposed to leave for Norway on Sunday. After a delicious breakfast we hopped in my car, which hadn't moved from its snowy parking spot since we picked it up at the shop two weeks ago, and sped off to the outlets. Outlets? For Valentine's Day? Yeah, I had stuff to return from a trip a few weeks ago so it was a Valentine treat for me to have S's company.

It was a short trip; we returned a few things, bought a shoe rack for our entry closet and a bed skirt at Restoration Hardware and then we headed back home. When we got home there was a surprise waiting at the door!
 Something from Le Creuset?
It was a registry completion gift from Williams-Sonoma & Le Creuset. A red heart pot; how appropriate the day before Valentine's Day!?
We made a small batch of brownies for a Valentine brownie sundae.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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