The Icing on Our Bathroom

You may recall that we installed a larger medicine cabinet in our bathroom a little while back. And then I began the search for the perfect bathroom light fixture, which we found on the sixth try. Then I sealed up some holes around the bathtub faucets. We hung a floor-to-ceiling length shower curtain and S installed some new faux-wood blinds. Of course we can't forget that I went-to-town on the windows last week. But, for the past month or more we've been striking out in our hunt for the perfect bathroom rug.

We've purchased and returned at least a dozen rugs. S spent hours searching online and I've pulled into every HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn I've passed during my errand-running journeys. I've even looked at a half dozen Targets, somehow convincing myself that one store will differ from the next.

"I want a 28 inch round while chenille rug!" I proclaimed two weeks ago when the 22 inch round rug from Crate & Barrel somehow looked too small in the already tiny space. So I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when while browsing a new-to-me HomeGoods/Marshalls last weekend, while balancing two pairs of clearance shoes in my arms and cradling my phone to my ear as I told my mom all about the red chair I just bought at Ikea, I saw a stack of white chenille bathroom rugs. I shoved the shoes in an empty space, completely lost track of the conversation with my mom, who was still chatting away, and started to rummage through the rugs. First I pulled out the super-soft 22" x 34" and threw it on top of the shoes. Our space is 32" x 32" but I thought that maybe I could somehow just shove it in there and make it fit. Then, as I pulled the shoes back into my arms and rug fell out with a label that read "28 inch round." I do not joke.

Because I must have some weird addiction to returning stuff, I bought both rugs. And of course the larger rug did not fit. But the round one, OH THE ROUND ONE! It was just the icing on the cake that our little bathroom needed. Now I can say that she's finished. Our bathroom is finished! And the best part of my little discovery is that S was in Norway when I found the perfect little rug, so when he comes home and sees my perfect little discovery he'll totally forget that I bought two new pairs of shoes too.

See how nicely the little rug fits with a nice symmetrical 2" buffering it from the tub, vanity, toilet and wall?
We chose basic white for our staple accessories so we could satisfy my need for constantly changing stimuli by bringing in pops of color with hand towels, like we have here with our Pottery Barn Valentine-red towel. The red towel has only been there for two weeks, but this week I'm craving green. Really, the all-white decision was well planned.
I love the way the texture of the chenille works with the waffle weave of our full-length shower curtain. S thinks the chenille is a little frou-frou; I assure you it is not.
And of course I still love the perfect light fixture above the medicine cabinet, which I think looks a bit like pigtails over the mirror. Can you see that, or is just me?
I would still like to move our two vertically-hung towel hooks on the back of the door to two horizontally-hung hooks. Inevitably the towel on the lower hook just doesn't dry and that's just not working for me, the lower hook girl.  Because our existing two hooks don't match, I've been meaning to pick up a set of alphabet hooks from Anthropologie after seeing them over at Young House Love, but surprisingly enough haven't made it to our local Anthro yet. Perhaps that's a task for next weekend.

So that's it, our bathroom is done!

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  1. Mmm, there is nothing like a plush rug to step onto after a shower. I think that sweet white one is perfect for your space.


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