Ikea Gorm Shelves in the Basement

Our attic is filled with 20 inches of blown insulation and putting a floor in would require building up the joists, so the basement is our only storage for now. Plus, our shed is an absolute disaster with a rotten floor and a roof that we're half-hoping will collapse under the weight of all the snow. As a solution to our storage needs we've successfully filled every possible space in the basement with Ikea's Gorm shelves.

The final set of Gorm shelves wraps around the furnace, leaving a two foot pathway to an empty space behind the furnace, which is sized perfectly for our collection of 18 gallon Rubbermaid totes. S and his dad spent the morning on Monday wiring a few more lights to the new switch just outside the utility room door. So now we can see everything in the pantry and behind the furnace. Hopefully sufficient lighting will be a deterrent to storing unneeded junk. Are you listening, S?

It's a little tight down there still with the yard sale pile growing by the day, but I think we can say that the utility portion of the basement is as done as it's going to be until the spring. Dare I say we're ready for the movers to deliver my stuff now?

This set of shelves is to the left of the door as you walk in. The light above the shelves and the one in the back left corner are the two S and his dad wired this week.
Behind the new shelves we have storage sized perfectly for Rubbermaid totes, which is my preferred method of off-season clothes storage because they form a bug-tight seal.
Even with the additional shelves we still have plenty of space in the center of the room to give us access to the outside door and for the ever growing goodwill pile, of course.
So that's the basement...until this summer when we tear the whole thing apart to make way for another bathroom.

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  1. We are just making plans to put Gorm shelves in our basement, a cellar actually, circa 1871, not as nice as yours. I see that you chose both depths 21" and 13". How is that working out. My husband thinks we should go with all 21" and I think it might be useful to have half of each depth. I wonder how it looks now?

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by our blog. We still love the Gorm shelves. I like the 21" depth for all the pots and pans and other household stuff, but I think I would prefer 13" for the pantry items. While the 21" holds a lot of stuff, on the lower pantry shelves where we have less space between each shelf, it's hard to see what is near the back of the shelf. We only have 13" for the wine/beverage storage, which works out really well. If you keep wine or soda or any unopened bottles, I highly recommend a few of the wine shelves. Don't forget the foot caps (little black things to prevent moisture from seeping up the posts). We'd love to see photos when you're done, good luck!


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