My Office is D.O.N.E.

Finally after seven weeks or so of home ownership the room where I spend most of my days is neat, organized, and for the most part, done. As I've mentioned before my office will ultimately be in our yet-to-be-finished sun room, but recent developments on the weather front have delayed that project 'til we see bare ground again.

The office is the smallest room in the house and was the only room untouched by the neon paintbrush. When S first looked at the house and sent me photos the room was a quasi office / man room / dumping grounds for all sorts of random stuff and disproportionately large furniture.
It also hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in forever, well at least not after the floors were refinished, which I discovered when I removed the ceiling fan, and when S removed the top shelf of the bookcase. The control panel for the alarm system is also up here. How weird is that?

My first challenge was wading though the boxes delivered by the moving company. My office in FL was above the garage and there was a room dividing curtain separating my space from the storage space under the sloped ceiling. Our packers labeled all the crap that should have been thrown away a decade ago as "office." It was a fun little surprise.  A "what the hell are these lead-paint-caked, cancer causing, dirty Mardi Gras beads doing in my office!?" kind of surprise. (Trust me, these were crap, definitely not the beads you bare your ta-tas for.)

After figuring out which boxes actually belonged in my office we set out to find new office furniture. I used half of the glass "L" shaped desk that we had in FL for the first few days, but World Market's annual furniture sale happened to be during the very week we were in the market for new desks. So despite the fact that we had just dropped a sizable chunk of savings on our down payment, we bought two matching desks. His and hers. Even though hers and his were not going to be anywhere near each other.

S assembled my desk, hutch, and matching file cabinet for me, which is juuuust about when I started to really embrace this whole marriage thing. I really don't have to do everything myself anymore. It's pretty nice, this whole teamwork gig.
Then during one of S's trips to far off places where they serve delicious food and women wear bikinis on nearby beaches, I took down the atrocious ceiling fan. I may have demonstrated its uselessness by blowing really hard and throwing papers around while yelling, "look, fans blow papers around, it's useless!" It was one of my better drama queen performances, I'm sure. I am still in love with CB2's Eden pendant that I hung in its place, so the drama was totally worth it.

On a whim one evening after painting the bedroom I decided to paint a swatch of light gray paint on one dirty white office wall to see how it would look. Several hours later I had painted the whole room. It was amazing how just a coat of paint could make the whole room feel new. I reluctantly pulled one of S's carpets from where they were stored and laid it on the floor to make the space feel more finished. It's a beautiful carpet, but its not my style and the ornate patterns agitate me. But it's warm underfoot and will do for now. And I have to admit, I don't hate how it looks in here.

During S's next trip half way across the earth and back I arranged the furniture as best I could, acknowledging that this is not my final resting working place, and bought storage baskets from Target for all of the shelves.
We found cute red lamp at Home Goods, which I perched on top of the "A" shelf that fit so nicely in FL, but is so awkward here. The shelf is going to be perfect in the sun room though, so no worries there.

Above my desk S and I hung the framed photos of orchids that I took during a visit to the National Botanical Gardens several years ago.Who knew I'd be living so close only a few years later.

I sorted through years of outdated files, ran wires and cords, moved this and that, hung interim retro shades, cut off the ruffly edges from the retro shades, and bought a down-alternative blanket to drape across my lap on chilly days.
I set our programmable thermostat to 56 degrees for weekday daytime, and plugged in my little space heater next to my chair. Now it takes extreme hunger or massive snow storms to pull me from my perfect little office.

And finally, I hung my purse and other leaving-the-house essentially on the back of the door in the L.L.Bean tote that I was given as a bridesmaid's gift by my brother's wife last fall.

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