A New Addition to Our Hive?

My sweet girl, Lexi, retired to my parents' home in Maine a few years ago after I graduated law school. We all returned to live back at home at one point or another after college graduation. When my brother, Nate, returned home he built my parents a cabin, when I returned home I gave them a ton of stress-out-law-student pissy 'tude. So the least I could do was let them keep my sweet Lexi girl. And to be quite honest, she loves all her humans, but she's just insane about my dad...even though he's "not a dog person." Yeah right.

It's been tough to live without Lexi nearby for the past year and a half. We share a bed when I'm home and I talk to her frequently on the phone, but I miss having a black lump of fur on the floor next to me and I find that singing the "going to Camp Maine" song to myself is just a smidget over the creepy line. Plus, Mr. Norman the fish doesn't quite provide the level of companionship I crave when S is away on his frequent trips. So, we've decided that it's time to add a new family member to the Bee Hive: we're "shopping" for a dog.

I adopted Lexi when she was almost 8 weeks old, which was absolutely fabulous because she was so adorable. But, 11 years later I have not forgotten how insanely needy puppies are. Granted it only lasted a month or two, but my roommates (to whom I am still grateful) and I took her out at least once an hour and shes still peed in the house. On top of house training I spent a full year teaching Lexi to be the perfect pup. In the end our hard work paid off as she graduated from college pup to well-behaved city office dog. This time around, however, I'd like to skip puppy and jump right into chill dog, even if it means sacrificing a few years that we'll be together.

I filled out applications with the national Portuguese Water Dog rescue group and with the greater DC area Labrador Retriever rescue. But there's one lovey boy who has recently caught my eye:
His name is Doodle (such an uncreative name for a Goldendoodle), he's a four-year-old Goldendoodle from Alabama, and is the half-brother of my friend Whitney's Harney girl. Whitney is fostering him at her home in Pensacola, FL right now and has to find his forever home by June. Apparently he's the sweetest pup AND, this is a real bonus for a dust-bunny hating, clean freak like me, he doesn't shed.

We're working out arrangements for me to go visit Doodle sometime soon, and even though S warned me not to get attached before meeting him, I'm totally in love. I'm also taking suggestions for his new name. Keep in mind that Lexi's full name is Misha Alexis Girl: Misha means baby bear (or something along those lines) in Russian, my parents were in Russia when I took their new car and sped off to pick up Lexi (and hit a deer along the way), and the "Girl" comes from our old dog Jessie Girl. So Doodle's new name will have to be similarly complex and have some special meaning. Right now contenders are:
Aksel Feeney Doodle
Wellington Feeney Doodle
Paddington Aksel Doodle

What new name suggestions do you have for Doodle?

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  1. Anonymous2/23/2010

    When we adopted our setter his name was Zachary. I named him Zacher Doodle Schmoodle. He blushes whenever I call him by his full name. Best wishes with your new (potential) addition.

  2. What an adorable dog. I've never heard of having full names for Dogs, but it's such a great idea. Personally I think that little guy looks like a Wellington Feeney Doodle.


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