New Drapes in the Living & Dining Rooms

Last weekend was the marathon of all marathon weekends. Unfortunately my motivation to run has taken my weekly mile count of around 30 down to about 10, if that, so it wasn't THAT kind of marathon weekend. Sorry for the new found laziness, legs. This kind of marathon was the kind that left me with a sore back from being hunched over a sewing machine for two full days and three late nights. When I said that I never wanted to sew drapes again, I really meant it. But the results, oh the results!
I mentioned earlier that I bought this fabric for bedroom drapes, but I liked the fabric so much that we audibled and now have drapes with this fabric for the living room, dining room and at some point in the near future roman shades for all the windows on the first floor doors.

Hanging the drapes was a minor fiasco, why wouldn't it be? After shopping too many stores to count, in a spree reminiscent of an old-school land-line "you should have called" commercial, we ended up at the 'Depot with silver rod hanging brackets and a can of black spray paint. FYI - the paint sticks just fine when you spray it in 35 degree weather. At night. 

Our tools are still spread all over since we (S) ran out of energy last night with one more set of drapes to hang. Regardless, here are a few preliminary photos, cropped to avoid showing you the aftermath of whatever bomb it was that hit our house yesterday.
The light-block lining really blocks the light. It's like a cozy cave with the panels drawn. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but it would be pretty cool to see an effect on our heating bill. I have a feeling weather stripping on the front door may be slightly more effective.

We're forecast to get hit with a major snow storm this weekend so S and I are furiously brainstorming all possible project supplies we may need. Blinds for the kitchen, more hooks for the last window's drapes, a socket set to make assembling those shelves in the basement a tad easier.... If we are housebound for days as the County predicts, then I should be able to pull together a tutorial so you too can subject yourself to make yourself glorious, lined drapes for your hive.

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