Our Kitchen

Our tiny little kitchen was recently renovated when we bought our house, so it didn't take too much to make it our own. We added a hanging pot rack to free up the minimal cabinet space and installed LED under-counter lights. We plan to install recessed lighting and hopefully a fixture above the sink, in front of the window soon.

The wall between the dining room and kitchen was removed to create the prep-bar area. The ceilings are nine feet tall so we we were able to hang the pot rack above the island, close to the ceiling, and have plenty of room to work on the counter underneath.
Our refrigerator has a freezer drawer on the bottom and fridge on the top, which I absolutely love. My parents had a fridge like this and it just makes sense. In our old house the bottom shelf was the home of forgotten food, but with this fridge-on-top set-up nothing gets lost.
Even though it's a small space, everything is placed really well in the space. The dishwasher is directly next to the sink, the pull-out trash & recycling bins are directly next to the main prep area, and we keep our most frequently used utensils in a stainless canister to the left of the stove.

With the deep counters we had space to make a baking nook with my Kitchen Aid mixer and staples like whole wheat flour and sugar in jars. S's parents had the same jars for their staples at their Bay house and I loved the convenience.
We hung blinds on the kitchen window that looks out over our front yard. The window faces north east, so there isn't a lot of direct light, but the orchids on the decorative shelves are happy with the light so far.
The back door leading into the house from the driveway is in the kitchen. It's our main door so we made a little entry center in a corner of the dining room, near the door. There's a shoe tray on the floor and a Pottery Barn key holder directly above it on the wall where we keep our keys, GPS, sunglasses, etc., at the bottom left, below. To the right in this photo is the entry to the basement where we store all our lesser-used kitchen stuff, and have our pantry and freezer.
I ordered a cordless roman shade for the window on the door. Because the kitchen is so open to the dining and living rooms I plan to cover the shade with the same fabric I used to make our dining and living room drapes. Unfortunately the shades are coming from Hong Kong via boat, so it will be a short eternity before they arrive.
So that's our kitchen. I'll update again when the lighting project and roman shades are finished.

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