Productive Snowbound-ness

It started snowing around 10am this morning just as S returned from a last minute trip to the Depot. In the excitement our pre-storm shopping trip yesterday we forgot to buy mirror hanging wire for the mirror that we snatched up at Marshalls. He bought that, a pizza pan from Williams-Sonoma and some putty to fill in the nail holes in the sun room beadboard ceiling. Pizza and putty. It's going to be a good storm.

As I spent the day working in my little office, jealous of all the people who were given a snow day, S set to work hanging the remaining curtain in the dining room. When I went downstairs for another cup giant mug of coffee I was surprised to see new wooden blinds on the kitchen window too. So much less voyeur-ish now. Whew. He put matching blinds in the bathroom to replace the mini-blinds and then set to work replacing the old-school metal blinds in the stairwell window.
It's a fairly involved process to do anything in our stairwell since the ceilings are so high. Hopefully this project doesn't have any of the hiccups our projects have been experiencing lately.

S also hung the grommet curtains that I bought at Ikea when he was in places much warmer than here. I was hesitant at the store, but surprisingly enough, we like them. I especially like how the white curtains look right now with the snow piling up on the tree outside our window.
I just hope we have enough projects to keep us busy this weekend! What are your snowbound weekend (or regular weekend) plans?

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