A Spice Rack in the Stairwell

Our basement stairwell has a funky set of narrow shelves in it and given its proximity to our little kitchen, it's the perfect spot for a spice rack.
 Like everything else in the house the area was in need of a fresh coat of paint. So during one of the many snowy evenings we've had lately, S and I patched a few holes in the walls and painted  the stairwell and basement. We chose Benjamin Moore's white diamond, which is one shade lighter than the iced cube silver in the adjoining dining room.

Yesterday, on actual Valentine's Day, I got a surprise call from S around noon telling me that he was on his way home. He had left for Norway early in the morning, but because of plane issues he never made it off the ground. Lucky me! But, because he woke so early after a late night of watching the Olympics, he spent most of the afternoon asleep on the couch while I painted the spice rack. I chose a semi-gloss finish in ultra pure white - the same that I chose for the basement trim. I finished off the area with a coat of darker contrast paint behind the shelves, Benjamin Moore's silver half dollar.

S hung his Guinness mirror and I stuck up a little valentine's day heart.
We hung our bag of trash bags (used plastic shopping bags) in a leftover out-of-town welcome bag from our wedding on the back of the basement door, and the area was ready for spices.
I'm on the hunt for the perfect set of glass or plastic spice jars, but for now our spices are lined up in alphabetical order in the original containers.
 Now when I say, "grab turmeric, pepper, and chili powder, please," S won't have any trouble finding everything, quick-quick.

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  1. I went to your other blog and I love love love that photobooth idea! So cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Spice Rack
    Wow. This is the first time that I saw spice rack like this. Really nice! I believe all the spices can be placed here according to uses.

  3. Its quite creepy for me, but still for the benefit of saving one's spaces I would also like to have this kind of Spice rack!

  4. This is a nice idea. Spice rack on a stair way but you should not put bottle on it for your safety.There might be a huge earth quake and all you bottle will fall down.But instead of bottles or jars you can put pocket books that fits on every shelves.


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