Another Shipment of Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

This week we got all of this:
and this:
from storage and into this:
Which means that early Friday morning our finished basement room went from this:
to this:
in just over an hour as two guys emptied the truck into our basement, sun porch, yard, and kitchen as S stood by checking each numbered box off his list as it passed by.
We've officially melded households, married our stuff, and over-filled our house. We're bursting at the seams. We've made huge progress since Friday morning when S started to unpack and Friday evening when I joined him after work. Our Goodwill and yard sale piles are growing by the minute, but surprisingly we're finding homes for most of the stuff. And now that we have all our wedding gifts in our disaster zone that's littered with pink pillows and manly man crap, it really feels like it's our newlywed home.

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