Missing Pots & Pans

If you look in our kitchen, it's hard to believe we could be missing a single pot, much less a set of pots and pans. But we discovered this week that my much beloved Le Creuset pots and pans set is missing.
I "bought" the set during my 3L year with Westlaw points that I hoarded for years. I am so sad that the pots are missing. We've unpacked every single box and they're definitely not here. I would save up and buy another set, but I think S would kill me, or at least request fancy meals more often, if I did. Have you ever lost something that you loved during a move?

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  1. i can feel your feelings ...

  2. we r ther to help you at the best price

  3. OMG... thats exactly the set I want. I am SO sorry for your loss! It pains me and I have not even had them!


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