One Less Tree to Hug

When I was a year old my dad planted small maple trees at the end of our driveway in celebration of my first birthday. The canopies of my birthday trees grew together when I was in high school and now create a huge, arching entry to our driveway. It took several strands of lights to just wrap the lower trunks of the trees last summer for our wedding.

I love trees. Unfortunately, one of our trees at the Bee Hive was growing under an oak tree and suffering from being light-starved for most of the year. We planned to cut the evergreen down at some point this spring. I watched the tree carefully for the past few weeks to make sure there were no birds nesting in it, but today from my office window, I spotted a pair of cardinals scoping out its branches for what I assume would be a nesting spot. I somewhat frantically told S that we had to chop it down immediately before we risked ousting nesting birds.

Not to be foiled by a work-work weekend, S arrived home on Sunday at 4:30 and called his dad to come over with his chain saw, eager to make a check in the to-do list. Several minutes later S was climbing the ladder to tie off the top of the tree while I watched on.
With S at the end of the rope pulling with all his weight away from the neighbor's yard, his dad cut a wedge facing S and then finally all the way through from the opposite side of the trunk. The tree came down precisely where they wanted, which is a damn good thing since in the five minutes it took for the whole operation to commence, we had gathered a small audience.
Now we're left with a bit more yard cleaning work and a few nice fires worth of firewood.

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