One Stump, Two Axe Handles

We have a tiny, tiny yard behind our house that's more like a walkway than anything else. Problem is you can't really walk anywhere because there's a big stump in the middle of the way, and a oddly placed chain-link fence cutting off the path.

We have grand plans for a new fence and even a little veggie garden. The most suitable place for the veggie garden is on the sun porch side of our house, which, as you may have guessed, is the sunny side of the house. What does all of this have to do with the stump? To get to this great veggie garden location you have to walk all the way around the house, or you can jump the fence, land on the stump, and make your way a very short distance to the future garden location. So in the spirit of cleaning up the yard, prepping for a new fence, and dreaming about a veggie garden, we decided to attack the stump with a nice, sharp axe.

Because the stump was right next to the chain-link fence that cut off our back "yard" path, we decided to remove the fence to give S some axe swinging room. The fence ran from the side of our house to our neighbor's, but there is a post in the ground somewhat near our neighbor's property line so we were able to just remove the one section blocking our desired path. Because we didn't remove any posts, they whole job was a cinch. S just backed out a few bolts, rolled up the fence and our path was born. Removing the stump was the real work.

S hacked away at the web of roots all around the base until the handle of the axe broke. We were left with a chewed-up stump and still no walkway. But, after an evening trip to the 'Depot, we quickly learned that replacing an axe handle is super easy (just make sure the handle comes with a wedge), and we were back in business for another day of after-work chopping.

It wasn't an easy job (or at least I've been told), but we have our walkway and at least that tiny portion of yard is fence-ready for whenever we're fence-ready.

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