Personal Photos: Our Wedding

We're not fans of having photographs displayed throughout the entire Bee Hive. It's not that we don't like photographs, and we adore our families (ok so maybe I adore mine and S loves his in a more normal and less obsessive, I-talk-to-my-mom-six-times-a-day way), but you just won't find snapshots of family hanging out in our living room.

I love photo albums, and I whip out our wedding photo booth album weekly, which got me thinking that maybe we should display a few photos from our best day ever. My goal was not to show a ton of friends and family on one wall, but to create a dramatic display that evokes feelings of the sheer excitement of the day.

I identified a spot where we could display them prominently, see them several times a day, and where they would not draw attention away from any other element of the Hive. I bought HUGE frames, which is a bit counter-intuitive given the size of the Hive and our claim that we're not fans of the personal photograph.

Then I waited. I waited two months to finally place an order for five photographs. It took me that long to identify the "right" five photos and to finally decide to order the photos in black & white rather than color. Two days later I had them spread out on the dining room table, ready to be framed.
Hanging photos is an exercise in absolute precision at the Bee Hive, so stay tuned while we torture ourselves over here.

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