Pulling it all Together

S and and I have somewhat similar styles and he is pretty laid-back when it comes to decorating, but integrating our stuff has been more of a challenge than I expected. I like clean lines, no clutter, simple patterns, and light spaces whereas he prefers a heavier colonial look centered around his prized possessions: ornate wool & silk rugs from the Middle East. I can appreciate their beauty, but the ornate patterns look chaotic to my eye and are anything but soothing. I actually feel agitated in every room we have his rugs on the floor. It's kind of a problem since they're in every room I spend any time in.
The carpets have me completely stumped and frankly, a little depressed. I was excited when we moved into the Bee Hive and started to make it ours. But now that we've reached the point of putting it all together, every vision I have for a room falls apart when the carpets are introduced. Clean lines are thrown in to chaos and any hope for a few brightly colored spring throw pillows violently clash with the dark, heavy, winter blues, deeps greens and burgundys in the carpets. I hate the road block these carpets are throwing at me; we need some serious design help. At this point I can't even imagine what we're going to do if we retire the tired, huge, blue stripe couches to the basement and buy a deep brown leather couch and chairs reminiscent of a windowless library reading room that S keeps sending me links to. I think it's going to be an either-or situation. Dark carpets or dark couches, but not both. I feel like I'm living in a deep, dark man-cave. Someone get me out of here.

I ordered this drum shade from Ballard Designs today, which is one summery-feeling thing that doesn't clash with the carpet in the living room.
We're going to use it on a much needed floor lamp in a corner of the living room. I stumbled on it yesterday when I was quickly flipping through catalogs before tossing them in the recycling bin. I think it should balance out the three Ikea poofs that live in the opposite corner of the living room.
Have you made a room feel light and summery even with a heavy carpet grounding the space? Or do we need to find a compromise and rotate the carpets out for the season?

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if solid (pale) upholstery instead of stripes would help? That's my initial reaction, anyway: that the combination of the rug pattern and the stripes might be enhancing the agitation factor...

  2. That's what my mom was saying too. Maybe the real problem is the couches and not the carpets! The couch fund is just sitting in our account waiting for us to actually take the time to find the right couch. Now if we would just take a step back from the projects and go shopping ;)


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