Recessed Lights & Ceiling Paint - Day 4

S ended his part of the kitchen light project on Monday afternoon with our kitchen looking like this:
Except all the lights were hanging about 4" down from the ceiling to give me room to patch and paint. After work on Monday I finished patching around each hole where the plaster had chipped away.

My plan was to paint the ceiling with bright white ceiling paint that our previous owners left in the basement for us. It's a new can of Fresh Air paint from Home Depot, which I've heard good things about, but when I put a little on the ceiling I was just, well, a little too blinded by the white. I had seen ceilings with color around the blog world before, most recently on Young House Love where they painted their nursery ceiling with an aqua color that matched the celery green walls nicely.

With the Youngsters as my inspiration I pulled out a few cans of paint from the stash of grays we used throughout the house, each a few shades lighter than the walls, but in the same paint-chip family. I thought for sure that I was going to gravitate toward the lightest of the shades, but to my surprise I fell hard for Benjamin Moore's White Diamond, which happens to be the color we used on the basement man-room walls, and was the darkest of all the swatches. It's the color on the right in this photo, and while it doesn't look like much here, I swear the one on the right is darker, and that it's only two shades lighter than the walls.
Don't worry, S couldn't see a bit of difference either. I called our local paint shop and had them mix a gallon of Benjamin Moore's Aura with a matte finish, which they recommended for the best coverage given I didn't want any possibility of having to do two coats. Ten minutes later I was at the counter with paint in hand, just before they closed for the day.

I cut in around the edges of the ceiling with my favorite 2" angle brush and then around each can. It got pretty toasty being up next to the warm bulbs, especially since I was bundled in a sweater and down vest that I just threw my painting shirt over. There's no time to change when we're in project mode.
Aura paint can be a little frustrating to use if you don't let it dry before going over an already-painted area. So I left the cutting-in portion to dry while we met S's parents for dinner. Once we were home again I rolled out the ceiling using a 9" roller with a splatter guard. It was my first time using a splatter guard and I didn't get a single drip on me or the floor so I'll definitely be reaching for it again next time around.

After the whole room dried overnight we popped the lights back into place and went from this (god awful photo of me painting in my pajamas the week we moved in):
to this:
I am super happy with how the ever so slightly tinted ceiling brings out more bluish hues in the cabinets rather than the yellowish tint they had before. The whole room looks so cohesive and soothing that I just keep finding reasons to go downstairs for another peek. We still need to find the perfect pendant for the bare wire hanging in front of the window, but that's a project for another day.

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  1. girltuesday3/03/2010

    house. envy. looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks :) I love it

  3. Changing the lights can give new life to your kitchen. Thanks.


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