Recessed Lights in the Kitchen - Day 3

We left off last night with a massive clean-up job and five empty Swiss cheese holes in the ceiling. We popped lights into four of the installed housings and put one reflector trim piece into one of the lights, just to see how it looked. It looked great and even with only four bulbs the amount of light was fantastic.
After we cleaned up the dust from every nook and crack (even those that we had covered), I took out my putty knife and some joint compound patch stuff and carefully patched around the circles. S woke up early to wet sand the dried compound, which unfortunately will need another coat tonight. He also moved the light fixture that was in the kitchen to the upstairs hall. It looks pretty fabulous, minus the fact that the old fixture covered up a big area of green ceiling. Ugh, ceiling paint.

S had the day off today so we headed out to the lighting store as soon as it opened this morning. The counter was packed with contractors, but we were the first customers in the sleepy showroom. It only took a few minutes to swap out our too-tall fixtures for shorter ones and we were back home before I had to start work for the day.

S decided to tackle the shallowest of the holes first. That blurry gray thing is a heating duct, only five inches from the ceiling.
It took some serious finagling, but S got it the light up there and managed, after several tries, to get the trim piece to sit flush with the ceiling. Because there is no insulation in that particular hole we were less concerned about mangling the housing.
Plaster dust started to fly again, my patch job was getting torn to bits, and it was at this point that I retired to my office for the day. I have to admit, however, I did drink at least a dozen glasses of water so I could keep going downstairs to check on the progress.

Now everything is up, the light is great and I just need to patch and paint.
We're tracing around the trim pieces to mark exactly where the perfect, smooth ceiling has to start. This way when we drop the trim out later tonight so I can patch the plaster, I'll know exactly how far past the hole I need to smooth everything out.

Tomorrow night I'll probably start painting the ceiling, but as I've mentioned before, painting one room downstairs means painting them all, and I'm just not excited about that. Plus, I have several sail bags to sew from orders we received this weekend so the ceiling may just have to look shoddy for a few more days.

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