Sun Room Renovation: Windows

We had a few replacement window companies come to the Hive a few months ago before we decided to try our hand at re-glazing our windows ourselves. While they were here we asked each company to provide a separate quote for sun room windows since right now we just have drafty, single pane, fixed windows and we want something we can open.

My favorite windows were Renewal by Andersen, so this weekend we decided to go to the showroom to ask more questions and to open and close a few windows in person. Unfortunately our showroom visit was less than enjoyable. The salesperson who came to our house wasn't at the showroom and no one who was there would answer any of our questions. Apparently it's all about the commission and not about the customer over there at Renewal by Andersen in Falls Church, VA. Suffice to say that Renewal by Andersen are no longer my favorites. Big old fail for Andersen.

After being sorely disappointed by Andersen, S suggested we pop across the street to the 'Depot to assess our DIY options since we were never really sold on having someone else do the work for us anyway. Friendly door & window guy was more than happy to sit down and run through options from several companies from us. And then door & window guy made our day...apparently Jeld-Wen makes stock windows, as in no special custom size fees, that are TWO double-hung windows wide and fit our rough opening within an inch vertically and horizontally. This is big news. Big.

If the fact that the windows are TWO double-hung windows wide, which means we only have to install four window units instead of eight, wasn't fantastic enough, the price nearly had me jumping out of my seat. Each set of TWO windows will cost what I expected to pay for one window. The windows are going to cost 1/2 of what I expected. So install will be easier and cost will be less. What's not to love?

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  1. Hi Beehive! Thanks for the nice blog comments. Great post about the window hunt! I've been considering checking out the Jeld-Wen for a small home project of my own, so it's great to hear your take on them.


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