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No, we're not on twitter, keeping up on our favorite blogs is distraction enough for us. We're talking about tweets of the bird variety. When we lived in Florida, we had a pair of loyal cardinals who visited our feeder daily. Birds were few and far between in our feral cat-infested neighborhood so I was a bit irrationally attached to these two birds and kind of sad to leave them. When we moved to the Hive we were happy to discover a huge population of birds hanging out our trees and overgrown hedges and not a single feral cat sighting.

As you may recall, we cut down a prime nesting tree, and just last weekend we drastically cut-back an overgrown hedge. But, I swear to you, we love the birds and we want to encourage them to hang out in our cat-free haven. So a few weeks ago we unpacked our Heritage Farms Absolute II squirrel-proof bird feeder, which just happens to be the best bird feeder ever and worth every expensive little penny.
We positioned our feeder so we could see it from our living room, and more importantly so I will be able to see it from my desk when we move my office to the renovated sun room.
We filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seed and patiently waited for the birds to discover the tasty snacks. Over the past few weeks the bird traffic has increased, but we had notable turning point the other day when a pair of cardinals came back to the feeder several times throughout the day.
And they've been back several times since, most recently perching on the rain gutter above the feeder and just under my current office window. Once we're finished with this whole sun room, and after we've moved on from the fence, and when we've replaced the shed that we secretly hope will self-destruct, I want to plant  a bird friendly garden surrounding the feeder.

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