Waste Pick-up in this City Rocks

The other day when all my stuff from Maine was being off-loaded from a giant truck, S split his time between checking off each box number from his list and chopping the heck out of a waaaaaaaay overgrown hedge. Both activities left us with a huge amount of waste for the city to kindly remove. Our front yard looked like this again:
minus the snow and plus a whole lot of this:
The hard-working trash and recycling guys (they literally run up the hill from one house to the next) took care of all the boxes. But the clippings required a special pick-up. Less than 24 hours after I went online to schedule the brush removal, this guy showed up and expertly scooped up the whole brush pile.
What happened next is what we found so cool. As you can see above, there were some leaves and a few small branches left behind on the street. The scoop operator guy jumped down from the truck, grabbed and rake, raked up every last clipping and leaf, and then scooped it all into the back of his truck.
Then he moved down the street and did the whole process again, rake and all. This guy was thorough and we're impressed. Kudos to our waste removal team.

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