Water, Water Everywhere...

It rained last night and this morning we discovered that a sinking suspicion is true...there's something damp going on in the finished portion of our basement.

When we bought the Hive our home inspector found a little moisture in the basement just under a window in the finished room. We asked the sellers about it and they confirmed that they too had felt some moisture in that one spot. Then, after a big rain storm, the sellers had someone come in to re-grade the ground outside, around the window. They also said that they removed the wall paneling and sealed a small crack in the basement wall. This seemed to do the trick for the next month or so until closing. But, this weekend, just about 4 months later, when I was on my hands and knees trying to maneuver a bookshelf into place I smelled the tell-tale signs of water.

I pointed a fan on the spot overnight and the smell and slightly dampish/dirty feel went away. Then since the forecast called for rain overnight, we decided to turn off the fan to see if the moisture would present itself again. It did.

So this morning while I scurried off to my office for the day, S embarked on a little Monday morning, I-really-don't-want-the-answer, investigatory work.
Which is how we discovered that the back side of the paneling is covered with this lovely mold.
And the insulation (which is now bagged up in the trash) looked like varying degrees of this.
The paint on the concrete walls in this section is peeling, blistering and very clearly wet.
We're slightly appalled that one of the previous previous owners, or whoever they hired to do the work, opened up this panel and left what we assume must have been mold-covered insulation in place. It's like a pink nightmare rearing its ugly head in our little basement. Since there were no signs that the moisture stopped at the one panel, S proceeded to pull off another.
And when I heard, "F! Come here...and bring your camera," in a tone that only meant there was something I really didn't want to see, I knew "deal with that basement water issue" just made its way onto the to-do list.

I wasn't quite prepared to see insulation that was completely disintegrated, damp 2x4's, and more moldy paneling.We didn't touch this insulation; it's so disintegrated that it's just not there.
This really can't be good.
"Hairline crack," "fixed the intrusion issue," "everything looked ok behind the paneling." We're beginning to think our previous owners were duped by their contractor.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is awful! I'm sorry you guys have to deal with that now--and after just getting settled in your new home, no doubt. Hopefully you get it fixed by the RIGHT people the RIGHT way and you all can move on from your nightmare.

    Good Luck!



  2. i am feeling soo\rry for you...we are ready to help you


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