A Break for Thanksgiving, Cherry, Easter Sunday

We intended to wake early and head straight to the Tidal Basin to be some of the first visitors of the day to the cherry blossoms. When I woke up and saw 7:45 on the alarm clock I knew an AM visit to the blossoms was not going to happen. Instead I gave my parents the grand tour of the Hive and showed them all the improvements we've made since the last time they were here in December:
I think they were most impressed that everything they saw leaving their house on a big moving truck a few weeks ago actually fit in the Hive.

After breakfast we walked to a nearby church holding an 11:15 service. I left my phone at home, otherwise I would have sneaked a few photos of the sanctuary. The color choices were really quite pretty - steel blue walls, white trim with the slightest blue tint, and a gray-washed wood ceiling all of which went together so nicely and highlighted a large, round stained glass window at the front of the church, near the peak of the gable end, which had tons of blue glass. It was all really quite pretty.

Back at the Hive we pulled out a bunch of those pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and put a big turkey in the oven. I know, Easter is a ham holiday, but apparently my dad was hammed-out and we were almost out of the frozen t. dinners that S rations like they're his last meals, so turkey it was.
Then we hopped in the car and drove to the airport, where we parked and walked over the 14th Street bridge into D.C. to see the cherry blossoms.
But don't be fooled by the beautiful flowers, it was an absolute mob scene everywhere we looked, or tried to walk. And the walkway around the basin is blocked-off in parts for construction, so we weren't able to make our way around the entire route. It was nuts.

The cherry blossoms are lovely, but to be perfectly honest, I was way more impressed with the display in and around the parking lots at Dulles that I saw when I picked my parents up the other night. Plus, the huge old magnolia blooming outside my office window is pretty amazing too.

Now I'm looking forward to touring the neighborhoods of Arlington when the azaleas are in bloom in a few weeks. Hopefully our azaleas join in the show, especially after the rather ruthless pruning I gave the overgrown beasts a few weeks ago.

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  1. Anonymous4/14/2010

    Oh no! I think I made the same mistake when we moved into our house of pruning the azaleas - they bloom on old growth, putting leaves out after they bloom, if I remember correctly. You may have to wait until next year to really get blooms. But the cherry blossoms do look lovely!


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