Easter Eggs

I love, love, love eggs. The other day I was craving an egg salad sandwich, and since we had two big cartons of eggs, and it is Easter, I decided to boil up a whole bunch so I could dye a few. We've had a egg dying kit hanging around in the pantry for years, which I re-discovered when we unpacked, so I really had no excuse not to dye some eggs for Easter this year.
When I cracked into the dye kit I was surprised to find there were 12 dye tabs; when did Easter egg kits get so fancy? I only had 12 eggs to dye so I decided to use half of the tabs and save the other half for next year, or whenever we get around to dying eggs again. Easter eggs in August anyone?

When my brother and I were kids we used to spend forever dipping our eggs in one color, then the next, making all sorts of fancy stripe patterns. I opted for the slightly less time consuming version, dropped one egg in each mug full of dye, and walked away, literally.
While the eggs soaked I put together a little "basket" of Easter goodies: peeps and orange slices for my dad, and jelly beans for the rest of us. I finished it off with a few wooden eggs that I dug out of one of the gazillion craft boxes multiplying in our basement
I returned to the eggs, fished out the pretty ones and plunked a few more in the dye for ten more minutes. 
I'm looking forward to feasting on some eggs Easter morning when we pack a picnic breakfast and head over to the Tidal Basin to check out the Cherry Blossoms.

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  1. ...or when we sleep late, skip the cherry blossoms and loll about the house until the latest possible church service. Maybe we'll do sunset blossoms.


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