Hi, My Name is . . . and I'm an Orchid Killer

I have dozens of orchids still waiting to be moved from Maine, but with only a few at the Hive there's really no excuse for one to die of neglect. When I discovered its wilting leaves last week I thought I would be able to revive it based on its still-firm roots. But this morning the roots are mush. I guess that makes me an orchid killer.
The pink potted orchid had been displayed with its mate on the kitchen shelves to the right of the sink, which apparently is not an ideal location for me to grow orchids. In an effort to keep its mate alive, I moved the pair to the living room mantle, leaving the display shelves in the kitchen bare. Then on a trip to Crate & Barrel last weekend (with my new movers coupon) I spotted small periwinkle blue vases that would be perfect for the empty shelves. Yes, storage at the Hive is bursting at the seams and I'm sure there's something in the basement that could fit on the shelves, but I couldn't find just-right pieces for the shelves, until I saw these.
I should have no problem finding a fresh flower stem to display in each since I plan to visit our local farmers market frequently this summer after watching Food, Inc. (you really must watch it). Maybe in the winter I'll stick as realistic an orchid stem as I can find in each vase; I know I can't kill the fake ones . . . as long as I remember to dust them.

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