First Mow of the Year

It's absolutely beautiful at the Hive this week and after all that rain we had last week, it can only mean one thing: the grass is growing like weeds. We're the first to admit that our yard looks a little trashy; between the rusty chain link fence, the rotty picket fence, and the shed waiting for a big gust of wind to blow it down, we're looking a bit rough around the edges. If I could snap my fingers and make the place look immaculate, I would. But, DIY means we're weekend warriors, tackling each project one step at a time. And with only a dozen or so weekends under our belts here at the Hive, the majority of which were spent inside, it's no wonder we're still not proud of our yard.

Even though we have fences worthy of a brush fire, some weird lattice covered posts, and concrete pavers that just need to go, we do what we can to make the place look as neat as possible. So, the other day S dug our lawn mower out of the shed and gave our lawn the first mow of the year.
While we were rummaging through the shed we also pulled out some grass seed that is formulated for shady areas. S managed to find the hand-held grass spreader, which was quite the feat since we no longer have a nice garage with everything in its specified shelf like we had in FL. We spread some seed on the newly created walkway behind our house and gave it a good soaking with the hose that we also pulled out from the shed.
The birds immediately flocked to the seed. I lied and told S that the birds don't like grass seed, that they were only looking for worms, so he wouldn't shoo them away. It's surprising what I can pull off with a straight face. Thankfully, after only a few days we're starting to see signs of life as little blades of grass are sprouting from the dirt.

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