It's Good to Have Staff

We had a few days that felt more like August than April last week while my parents were visiting so when they weren't in DC touristing they were out in the yard attacking some spring tidying.

First my mom pulled out my new Liberty of London garden gloves and garden loppers and went after the aucuba japanica shrub that hadn't been touched in years, if ever.
It was our main source of privacy in our side yard-backyard, but it was totally out of control and had a lot of snow damage from our record-breaking winter.
I was surprised that the entire area was made up of only two hugely overgrown shrubs. After two full days in the shrubs, my mom had accumulated a huge pile of brush in the driveway.

Meanwhile, my dad joined in and spent a full afternoon pruning our crepe myrtle and dogwood trees, which also had not been pruned in at least a decade.
After my mom mowed the grass, we moved one of the adirondack chairs from the front porch to the back door: 
And we played around with various configurations of the mismatched lawn furniture S and I have each accumulated, in an attempt to make the yard look neat and pulled-together despite the dilapidated fences and crappy shed.
 While I fired up the grill for dinner the staff moved the brush pile to the street for pick-up.
 It's good to have staff.

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